About Us

24 Karat Entertainment is a motion picture camera rentals and post-production facility offering services to media and entertainment industry. We cater to diversed clients across the Globe with trained expertise guided to quality, commitment and delivery. The company has well established reputation for handling projects for leading productions, television commercials and several mission critical projects from start to finish small and big.

Our core team of experts are highly skilled in managing the projects from concept to final release. We work in a consultative partnership with clients from initial concept meetings right through completion. We have a proven track record for quality and on time delivery combined with a commitment to security.

Our inventory ranges from ALEXA-XT, ALEXA-EV to RED EPIC and RED MX cameras, equipped with optics ranging from Master Primes, Ultra Primes, COOKE S4, S4i to Angénieux Optimos and ARRI Alura Zoom Lens.

Our wide array of kits allow to equip both large and small productions, individuals and support with expert technical advice from over 10 years experience in the Entertainment industry.