Equipment Accessories

We hire a wide variety of accessories. Please see some listed below. If you have any specific requirement out of this selection, please write to us.


Magliner Gemini Sr. Trolley

This industry standard camera department trolley is the larger, sturdier style with double carpeted shelves and four heavy-duty wheels. It can transport up to 1000lbs of gear around locations but functions equally well as a secure and mobile camera workbench. The top shelf is easily removable allowing the trolley to be collapsed quickly for transport.

Tech Specs


Chrosziel MB 415 Matte Box

Compact MatteBox 4:3 +16:9 F4.5 = CLWAH -F4.5 incl. French Flag + CF-MB/F4.8 w. 2 Filterholder 1x fixed multi-format 4x4/4x5.650 (410-31) a. 1x rotatable multi-format 5x5/4x5.650 (510-01), Bracket for Ø 15mm LWS rods, Ret. Ring Ø95mm (410-14F)
Includes a Double Filter Stage for filters up to 5.65x5.65 and 5x6” vertical. Both filters can be moved and fixed in any vertical positions, the second also rotates, depending on the used filter 360 ° or up to 240º.

Tech Specs


IDX WEVI Wireless HD Video Transmission System

The new and improved CW-7, uncompressed wireless HD-SDI/SDSDI transmission system delivers superior image quality up to 300ft, while maintaining a zero frame delay. Perfect for outdoor or indoor productions and events, the CW-7 wirelessly transmits HD video and audio from a professional camera to a monitor. Event, television, and film productions can save time on prep by eliminating long cable runs from the camera to video village or display. Dynamic Frequency Selection allows CW-7 to operate on less crowded channels within the license exempt 5GHz spectrum.

Tech Specs

Frequency: 5.190GHz – 5.795GHz
Frequency Selection: Four selectable channels or one auto select/DFS
Select Transmit Power: 80mW maximum (TX only)
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Decimator 2 Down-Converter

MINATURE (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to both HDMI and NTSC/PAL with simultaneous scaling on both outputs and De-embedded Analogue Audio.
Auto detects 3G, HD or SD (26 Formats in total) and can handle switching of synchronous sources.
Simultaneous scaling on both the HDMI and Composite outputs with a maximum delay of 1 input frame.
HDMI output with optional full scaling and aspect ratio conversion.

Tech Specs

Passes EIA-708/608 Closed Captions
Full 16-Channel Audio metering
Adjustable Graticules Generator
Text Overlays displayed
De-Embedded Analogue Audio
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ARRI FF5-HD Follow Focus

The modular FF-5 follow focus system in Cine or HD version is a combined lightweight or studio follow focus for all kinds of lenses. Since it uses the same focus knobs as the MFF-2, knobs with individualized markings can be transferred between the FF-5 and MFF-2, speeding up turnaround times for focus pullers.

Tech Specs

Cine or HD style
Unique space-saving, snap-on bridge mechanism (lightweight or studio) for fast unlock
Compatible with ARRI lightweight support as a snap-on unit
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ARRI LMB-5/6 Lightweight Matte Box

The LMB-5/6 is a lightweight clamp-on matte box that offers all the features of the LMB-25 for the larger-size filters, up to 6.6x6.6".
Main Features include 2- or 3- Filter metal stage guides, 6.6x 6.6" filter frames, Hood ready for wide angle lenses up to Ultra Prime 8R (Ansi 35mm), Dedicated carbon fiber top / bottom flag, Large range of clamp adapters up to 162mm for Optimo 24-290 / 28-340, Hood easily removable on set with captive screws, Securing loop on main frame for crane and vehicle use.

Tech Specs

Compatible with all LMB-4 / MB-28 / MB14 non geared filter frames, Compatible with all LMB-4 / 4A clamp-on rings (with ∅156mm clamp adapter)
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ARRI LMB-15/25 Lightweight Matte Box

The LMB-25 is a clamp-on matte box that expands the feature set and creative possibilities of the LMB-15, while retaining the low price tag of an entry-level LMB-5.
The ARRI LMB-15 is the perfect choice for those requiring a lightweight clamp-on matte box solution. The 4 x 5.65 horizontally oriented filter trays slide into heavy duty machined guides with ease. The LMB-15 can be rapidly configured for two or three stage capacity.

Tech Specs

2- or 3-filter metal filter stage guide
Combo 4x4 / 4x5.65" filter frames
Wide angle hood easily removable on set with captive screws
Securing loop on main frame for crane and vehicle use


ARRI MB-20 Matte Box

The MB-20 System is a compact 5.65” x 5.65” matte box for use with lightweight support, as a clamp-on version or with adapters for 19 mm or 15 mm studio rods.
The MB-20 compact matte box easily adapts for use with lightweight support, bridge plate support rods, or clamped onto and supported by the camera lens. With a swing-away front, the system works with wide-angle lenses and provides two or three independently rotating filter stages for filter sizes up to 5.65” x 5.65”. The MB-20 System includes a unique adjustment system to ensure a precise fit. Optional top, bottom and side flags and masks are available for optimal light control.

Tech Specs

Designed for film and digital cameras
Works with wide-angle HD zooms
Modular construction allows all mounting options
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